Blocked Drains

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Blocked Drains

A blocked drain can happen anywhere in the pipes inside your home and those outside the home going to the sewer or septic system. There are ways you can tell when a blockage has occurred and where it might be located. If a single drain going to a toilet or a sink backs up, the clog will likely be in pipes leading directly away from the sink or toilet. However, if more than one drain backs up, or the drains backup when something happens like the washing machine discharging the water inside of it, the blockage is most likely in the main sewer line.

What type of things cause blockages?

There are many things that can cause blockages. Small children are known for flushing toys down the toilet, hair regularly clogs up shower and bath drains, and grease and oils typically block kitchen drains. On the pipes running from the home to the sewer line or septic system, tree roots often push through the steel or PVC walls and get inside the pipes. As toilet paper and other items flow from the house to the sewer, the items catch onto the roots and become stuck. Eventually, more and more objects get stuck on the roots and a blockage develops.

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Should I use a plunger or drain cleaner?

Some clogs can be eliminated using a plunger and/or drain cleaner. You have to be careful using drain cleaners as they often contain caustic acids that can harm your skin and eyes and, if the acid is allowed to sit in the pipes, it can eat through them. Another thing to consider is that using a plunger or drain cleaners may only open the pipe a little bit and may not completely remove the conditions causing the blockage. The clog will usually reappear in a little while if the conditions are not removed by a professional plumber.

What can you do?

You need to contact us. We know how to remove and replace the toilet to remove small objects inside of it. If tree roots have damaged the pipes outside your home, we have the know-how and the ability to dig down to the pipe to remove the roots and replace the damaged section of pipe. There is no plumbing job too big or complicated for us to handle.

If you have a blocked drain in your home, call us right away at 0418 380 565. We’ll get to your house and clear the pipe to make sure your plumbing works well again as soon as possible.