Suspecting a gas leak

Often times people ignore unfamiliar odors inside and outside of the house. A gas leak can happen under ground as well as to the fixture inside the house. Any suspicious smell should activate a response. You should call a gas plumber immediately to determine if indeed it is a gas leak, and the location. They will know how to turn the gas off to prevent a possible explosion.

Check meter periodically

Keeping an eye on your gas meter will inform you if something is amiss. If there is a gas leak the meter will turn at a rapid rate. This is because it is trying to keep up with the gas that is leaking, and being used. If the meter is acting as though it is spiraling out of control, call a gas plumber right away. You are being charged for the gas that is seeping out.

Can’t control the fire on the stove burner

If your flame is a different color, or if you have difficulty with adjusting it, there may be a leak in the gas plumbing. When it comes to gas, anything unusual should be a potential danger. Do not hesitate to call a gas plumber.